The Wrath and the Dawn - Renee Ahdieh

WARNING: Angry. Spoilery. Beware.

DNF at 55%. After the mass hype surrounding this, I was expecting to be disappointed by this but for completely separate reasons than I am.I listened to the audiobook while knitting and have thrown my phone across the room twice.


I must be missing something here. This is a retelling of A Thousand and One Nights (haven't read it) which immediately intrigued me. The main character volunteers herself to marry this horrible murderous Caliph so she can kill him, as he married and murdered her friend. That's his thing - marry a girl, fuck her, kill her the next morning. Kill him. Good.


So Shazi keeps herself alive by telling stories, plots his death, he has sex with her without her consent. This is horrible, but expected. And then he kisses her and suddenly this person she has referred to as a monster, who has raped her and treated her like an object, this is the person she has sudden conflicting feelings about. Then it is night, and the next scene is written in such a way that I think I'm expected to swoon that Khalid has actually asked for Shazi's consent.


And here we are. Book returned to the e-library. Me ranting on here like the good old days. What on earth am I missing here? I have read the other reviews (to see if she poisons him at the end) and this is apparently a swoon-worthy romance and

they end up together. ??????? I don't get it. No stars given due to my own rule about not starring DNFs but this may change in future. :|


For your amusement, here are my reading status updates of this book. I can almost see my eyes rolling into the back of my head and starting on fire.