Room - Emma Donoghue

I put this off for nine months because after reading Slammerkin (I was on hiatus during my read of Slammerkin, so you missed my meltdown, but suffice to say I would sacrifice a toe to be able to read it again for the first time), I thought that surely anything else by Emma Donoghue would be a disappointment.


Oh, how wrong I was.


It wasn't as good as Slammerkin (this is my new measuring stick for book deliciousness), but it was capital-G-O-O-D Good. It ticked all my boxes. Beautifully written, check. Tragic, check. Short but meaty, check. Weird and/or horrific? Big check. It was missing a good atmosphere, but given the narrator that was near impossible.


Unlike Slammerkin, Room doesn't punch you in the face from cover to cover, but the subject matter is just as rough and the first two thirds are very grim. If you don't want to be emotionally distressed, or have a lifelong fear of kidnapping (like me), maybe don't touch this. Or, don't be stupid like I was and start this at 11pm while home alone and force yourself to finish it to stop the nightmares.


If, like me, you apparently missed the massive hype train of Room, and you happen to like being kicked in the chest by books like I do, go get this novel. Borrow it from the library right now - I'll be here waiting. I'll say this like I do for nearly every book: Go in blind. Don't read the synopsis. It's incredible, like the time I managed to watch the entirety of The Revenant with no subtitles and thought it was a magical art piece.


I would love to hear what everyone else's thoughts were on Room if you've read it! I seem to have missed the hype train as it crashed right past my face - 500k ratings on GR and counting, my word.