Hi bookish friends! I am back (I think) after... nearly a year away. Yikes. That means you've missed me bitch about Truthwitch's disappointment, gush over Slammerkin, struggle with Sabriel and Lirael and fall in love with them every time. More on that soon.

I'm not particularly well still. There are rough days and calmer ones, though everything is still run through with an electric current of mid-level anxiety no matter what. I don't like talking about my illnesses, to be perfectly frank, but since they have affected my life so deeply as to shut down my one major hobby (this blog) I think it's fair. I'm well enough now that I can open my email without having a major spike in anxiety, and I thank Twitter for that. Most days I still can't leave the house, and certainly not alone, so that leaves quite a lot of time for knitting and reading.

Anyhow, enough of that. For now I'm back, and hopefully it's for good, though I have been experiencing the most horrific lag on BL these last couple of hours. Is that normal now or am I mad?

To any author expecting a reply to the 82 emails I have received in this year of absence: I'm truly sorry. I've purged my inbox as to not give myself a heart attack (in any case, I opened exactly three before deleting them all and found a Christian romance, erotica, and one mass request sent to "dear reviewer, I love your blog, here is my contemporary teen romance"). If you'd like to shoot me another, I'm all ears - eyes - whatever. Pinky promise!