My social anxiety demon has been squished temporarily, so I have a question to pose to y'all! My New Year's resolution is to not be so terrified of comments. So, here goes.


Are there any authors that you really enjoy as a person even though you hate their books?


I don't think this is something I've ever heard my friends express about books in particular, or really anyone else. Maybe that's because the era of the super-present author is a pretty new thing? You know, Twitter and all that.


For me, it would be Emery Lord and Maggie Stiefvater. Offending books were Open Road Summer and Shiver, respectively. Both of them are super witty and hilarious on Twitter (and I totally stalk Maggie's tumblr because damn the woman can really draw) but I just about tore my hair out reading their novels. I feel so bad about it but I just cannot do romance. At all. I try, I hate it, I feel bad about hating it, and hide from YA for a month or two while I cleanse my brain-palate.


But! To be fair, I did read the paranormal romance book in high school on the word of a Twihard friend who is no longer allowed to rec me books. I have The Scorpio Races on my Kindle and will give it a go once I have some time!


I also couldn't stand Malala Yousafzai's memoir, but I solely place the blame on the translator. Malala is a gift to this earth but oh my god, no.


Please do share yours so I don't feel so alone. D: