These are my resources to find books for review. These are good for reviewers who are just starting out and do not have 'contact' with publishers, cannot afford to buy a $30 book each week, would prefer to support indie writers, or any other reason review copies may be desired.


ARC and finished copy giveaways

BookLikes giveaway program (physical, ebook, and audiobook)

LibraryThing's Early Reviewers and Member Giveaway programs (physical, ebook, and audiobook)

GoodReads First Reads program (physical only)

The Reading Room (physical)


Download legally free ebooks

Project Gutenberg


Request an ARC

NetGalley (ebook only)

Edelweiss (ebook only)

Penguin Publishing's FirstToRead (ebook only) galleys (ebook only)

Blogging for Books (ebook or physical)


There are also groups on GoodReads

(GoodReads Authors/Readers, Advanced Copies for Review & Book Giveaways, Goodreads Reviewers Group) where authors will post their books asking for reviewers!


Shelf-Awareness e-newsletter. The newsletter frequently has 'ads' for sign-ups to receive a galley from publishers. To my knowledge, applying for said galley also signs you up to the newsletter from the publisher. I have not yet received one myself though!


Ebook Lending Websites

I only know of two - and, both of which make use of Amazon's lend feature.


Paperback Swapping Websites's Trades


BookCrossing* (not mailed, more of a "game", but free)


Blog Giveaways

FreeBookFriday's Featured Giveaways (paperback, signed - every Friday)

On Starships and Dragonwings giveaways (varies, sci-fi and fantasy, generally great blog)


You put your purchased Kindle books that are lendable up for "grabs," and can also request lendable books in return. If you do not have friends that own a Kindle, or perhaps your library does not offer ebook lending, these are a good alternative. If you are looking for romance novels, Lendle has been overtaken by them almost entirely. For other genres and a probable faster lend, BookLending is the superior choice.


Connect With Authors!

Check out The IndieView if you want to connect with Indie authors who want your reviews!