My name is Alex.

I am a twenty-something white girl from the midwest.

I am also autistic and suffer from rather severe anxiety and depression. Social media doesn't exactly come easily to me, but I do try. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and disappear - it's not personal, I promise.

I also knit, nap, read, ride horses, pretend to cook, get wrapped up in period dramas, and frequently spend hours in rabbit holes after looking up an interesting bit of terminology from a book only to wind up researching what materials were used for sails in the Golden Age of Piracy and why.

I swear too much.

I like books more than I like most people. Books give you the inner monologue that real life lacks!


I have no interest in romance books, or books with any romance, really, but I do enjoy fantasy. And weird books.

Exceptions happen, mileage may vary. Know that I will be very, very wary of romance of any kind in books, especially the sort that involves a love triangle. That will earn an insta-nope.


My favorite non-BL blogs:

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